Wukong's current state.

Hi everyone. I want to touch on a thing that starts to bother me since the beginning of this season. I am a Wukong main probably since season 5, i love that champ with all my heart and climbed the ladder as high as i could. Yet in the last 2 seasons wukong kinda felt lackluster no matter where i was playing. Toplane: Darius, Garen, Fiora, Camille and Kled. Don't even let you take any CS and it is literally unfair to see them having a fitting role inside the game as bruisers, even tho bruisers have it rough against mages, they still can play the game going top. Jungle: Elise, Lee Sin, Xin Zhao and Hecarim are just dumping on wukong early and he can't win any fights against them, let alone fight for crabs or counter gank. Plus the fact that wukong has a shitty and slow clear now. Midlane: On mid it is a bit easier to play and snowball but if you fight Lux, Veigar or Ahri it is game over at lvl 6. They will poke you out and 2 shot you at lvl 7. Which lets me to understand that my champ will fall short no matter what due to the constant nerfs directed to his q and base stats, and to top everything off, he has the most useless passive in the game. Wukong at lvl 1 gets 4 Armor and 4 MR based on how many champs are nearby. Being a laner means that you only get a minimal rune as a passive. Considering every passive in this game this is just bad and dosen't make the champ to fit either top or mid. And in the jungle it is completely useless. So please, riot. Tell me when will you actually put some good quality of life buffs on that champ. A god idea is to change the passive's stone skin from flat stats to percentage damage reduction, at lvl 1 it can be 6% to 16% at lvl 18. That would make it much more efficient in trades and will turn wukong into a bruiser again. Or you could make his q to scale with 50% of his bonus AD instead of the version we have now, those will either make him a 1 shoting monster that is a glass cannon or a bruiser that could build defensive items and be a strong frontliner. I wish i could get a response from you or the community, thanks.
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