Why is going 0/10 NOT ban- or instant punishable?

My last seven games (excluding the recent shaco one) I permanently had teammates (plural, yes, more than ONE) that thought going 0/10, 2/16 etc. is fun and I really do want to know two things: 1. Why the %%%% do I permanently get these br*in de*d people in my team? Is that just "unlucky" how some people would say or am I really THAT bad of a player that my mmr thought its good to match me with that type? 2. Why is this not bannable in an instant? I'm seriously so sick of how that is not seen as a big issue Of course bad games can happen and I don't want to say that every person that has 10 deaths or more is automatically someone that ints but if they run it down because they "believe" they can 1v1 a fed enemy... Big yikes It's IMPOSSIBLE to do anything in a game when 1-2 maybe 3 if I'm "lucky" enough permanently go int. Not to mention that matchmaking really is just trash, whether it's a ranked (flex q is super terrible if it comes to matchmaking) or simple draft pick.
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