Should there be a way to punish "troll" picks?

I'm going to start this by saying that, most of the time, I don't care what you play or where you play it. As long as you do well. Hell, I've played unorthodox laners sometimes. But this is beyond unorthodox. I've had this problem occur a few times (I'm sure we all have) whilst in queue for ranked where a play who has support picks something that I classify as "troll". Not something like Ahri support, who at least has some kind of supporting capability. They picked Zed, which caused a dodge by someone on my team. Normally I wouldn't make a post like this but with draft pick defining roles, it's clear that Riot wants people to play the game at **least** in a certain way. Otherwise they could just say "bot lane" and let the two argue between them who gets adc (prob pick order). With this direction that Riot had taken the game, I think it unfair that someone can basically hold the game hostage by a "troll" pick. They intend for someone to dodge by picking it so that they don't lose lp (when ranked is concerned). Now I don't don't have the knowledge of how to complete this kind of thing, or whether Riot would actually care about this happening. The only way I can think of achieving it is by keeping something like a 5 lobby backlog where you can report people for their picks. What would happen from then on out, I have no idea. I'm open for most things but when you pick something like Zed (the only supporting capability he has is a slow) when Riot defined the role as **SUPPORT** makes me feel that it should be punishable in some way. Side note: There seems to be an error whenever I try to add a poll at the end :(
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