stop banning for toxicity

stop banning for toxicity the game experience itself makes people toxic stop relying on automated systems to detect inting (hashinshin 0 19 game ban hello???) stop insulting, degrading and humiliating victims of your broken "reform" system bring back chat restrictions remind people muting exists if someone can lose their entire account for acronyms, mass reporting or getting a spectacularly horrible game, people will be LESS likely to buy skins get it through your thick-ass skulls, the reason people don't flame as much is because people don't talk as much in general, they're terrified of being banned by a bot learn from CS:GO's system ban for a week nothing more just a week people can wait a week, right? no reason to create a whole new account and level it up, just wait a week and during that week they'll become tranquill again whoever invented the perma-anything should be crucified

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