Re: Ranked Restrictions

Hello! So a lot of people play ranked and value non ranked games as a waste of time but there are some of us who don't play ranked all that much and prefer to just play normal games for numerous reasons but for me it's to avoid the toxicity that "high pressure" ranked games seem to create. The ranked restriction initiative to try and curtail some of the negative behavior therefore in my opinion is a poor one. I play draft normal's almost exclusively and most games since the introduction of ranked restrictions include numerous players that will tell you in champion select that they are chat banned ranked restricted etc, that it wasn't their fault and they received these restriction for offering advice and that these punishments are totally unfair, they then proceed too throw insults fake afk feed.... So in effect they've condensed the worst players of this community into one place and unfortunately for myself and others that place is non ranked games and is making the game intolerable beyond the normal levels we have all come to expect from this games community. I'm not against the idea of punishing these people however I feel that the way in which they are being punished punishes other players as much if not more than these people. Where these people have to suffer maybe 10 games of poorly behaved spoilt brats, myself and others who prefer to play normal games have to deal with this every single game. I would therefore request that this measure is removed and tougher punishments are introduced. I don't have the answers but a few suggestions that come to mind are - Permanent and time based bans. Custom game only restrictions. Dominion only restrictions (though that would be unfair for the dominion players) Finally a system that rewards good behavior in the form of a IP multiplier, if you complete a game without receiving a report from your team you gain 1% bonus ip that stacks too 100%, the current IP values per game being at about 50% boost value and the possibility to have your multiplier set too 0 as a punishment for poor behavior by riot staff and end of game reports deducting from your multiplier (say 5% or so) TL:DR Ranked restricted (toxic) players are being concentrated into normal games this is bad for normal games etc. Anyway would love to hear what people think about the suggestions and their thoughts on ranked restriction in general.
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