Best report system evah!!!

So i know very much how "toxic" i was but what i want to know is how i was more toxic than having a person calling you a %%%%%%, i legit get chat restricted or banned with just one game, but calling people %%%%%%ed is okay it would seem. In-Game Kryhiel: lol Kryhiel: ff Kryhiel: im done Kryhiel: gg Kryhiel: how %%%%ing hard can it be to do your %%%%ing job as a jungler Kryhiel: ff 15 Kryhiel: why didnt you come earlier when i pinged and she was super low hp ? Kryhiel: oh i know Kryhiel: because you are %%%%ingsilver Kryhiel: only 6 minutes left Kryhiel: time to watch shit till this garbage is over Kryhiel: stop %%%%%ing Kryhiel: maybe be a %%%%ing jungler Kryhiel: i had fb Kryhiel: you didnt gank once Kryhiel: during the time Kryhiel: that she was the weakest Kryhiel: do i care ? Kryhiel: lol Kryhiel: its an secundary acc Kryhiel: i dont care about losing agame Kryhiel: i can win the next one Kryhiel: look at my match history Kryhiel: then shut up Kryhiel: all you had to do Kryhiel: was gank once Kryhiel: cool Kryhiel: now i get to report you for toxicty as well Kryhiel: i wonder why Kryhiel: guess feeding mid Kryhiel: was the win condition Kryhiel: flaming her Kryhiel: is flaming everyone Kryhiel: and she is the one calling me %%%%%%ed btw Kryhiel: after i said all she had to do was gank once to win top. Kryhiel: i killed you first time Kryhiel: i owuld have kept on kiilling you if she had ganked after you tp so soon Kryhiel: that wasnt a 2v1 but kay. Kryhiel: you are a pro, as good as this eve Kryhiel: enjoy your win Kryhiel: lets look at this eve match history Post-Game Kryhiel: ah, you play once every wekk so that you don derank to iron that hard eve, i get you.
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