The apparent flaw in the punishment system

Now first off my main account is Plat IV nothing to high but high enough to make the relevance of this post worth looking at in regards to the issues that I've noticed, I should also note that I've played LoL for around four years all in all so I have seen the game progress all in all for the better which is an excellent sign. I have smurfed many accounts, and quite frequently hit platinum without much of a hiccup, and I accept that this is where my skill level resides at the moment, so don't get the impression that I'm implying that these players are holding me back ect. So all in all I have noticed a huge decrease in the amount of flaming/toxic players in the game which is great but from personal experience I have had to deal with way to many people who won't say a word the entire game but will either; A - Flat out intent, and suicide, and often afk farm ect. B - Tilt so badly over one persons comment that they then proceed to do the above. C - The worst kind of player that will participate in all of the above to such a degree that it doesn't come across as intentional, yet everyone in the game is fully aware of what they are doing. Now what disgusts me more than anything is that I experience this WAY MORE in platinum than any other rank I've achieved and I've heard similar reports of similar behavior happening in low Diamond, I find it so bizarre that we have managed to eliminate a huge proportion of the flamers yet the players (In my opinion) whom are the most destructive to a game, community & the way they sneak there way around a ban by not saying anything in game. I'm aware that if I player gets reported enough that there games will be manually reviewed if I'm correct in saying? But honestly I think having such a mentality for even more than a couple of games should at the very least warrant a relatively severe punishment as I and I imagine a large proportion of the community would agree, that this form of behavior is far more toxic than any flamer (In most cases) and if anything just antagonizes people to flame them for trolling whether there rage is justified or not it's understandable to see why some people struggle to remain cool in such situations. So I suppose basically is there any way that we could implement a system that allows games to be manually reviewed more often and with less reports, and help cut down on these last remaining dregs of the community, while increasing the punishment for such behavior rather than the normal chat bans into a 14 day suspension as the behavior is of a different class all together. Or is there already a system in place if so how does it work? Cause as far as I can see it's failing to eliminate a large proportion of these players. Look forward to hearing your replies and opinions on the matter, and let's keep things civilized. Peace out :D
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