What illness do people have in this game?

honestly tell me what illness do some people have in this game. When you ask play Safe they go non stop fighting. When you ask build tanky. they start build full ad When you ask stop troll they will troll even harder. The most saddest thing people refuse look into reality and accept the truth. why people so delusional??? Is it hurt their ego just listen other person who playing this match better than you? I will tell you some stories from your game. maybe you familiar with something. Dont you have games when you all winning lanes and then suddenly your overfed adc start dies and you asking to group because he will continue die?? you ask nicely and they start act like %%%%%%s. They try proof that they badass and never group with team until enemies get fed from that adc and you end up losing game? Or when you advice build some tanky items because you know they going to die if they dont build. and you tell your teamamtes that but they dont believe because they are so good at this game. never listening advice. then they die and you be like told ya and they get tilted so hard they start troll because I hurted his bronze ego. I dont know man just explain me. Most of the games i lose cause of that. cause People refuse listen advice and continue same mistake over and over until game lost. do people actually so stupid or just bronze ego doesnt allow listen advice?
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