Why are people so ignorant?

Just wondering why a non premade team can be so ignorant. I just went into a ranked game current rank Gold I. I went annie mid and by minute 13 i was already 5/0. I asked atleast 2-3 times to ss if their laners leaves but I kept getting camped by supp and jung. Everytime I tried to engage they were there for the counter. Our brand "supp" barely warded (total of 10 wards placed in a 35 minute game) and everytime I went to ward a bush 4 ppl would jump on me and I would die. Meanwhile my laners are just in our own jungle not pushing or going base for no reason . At this point I got pretty mad because I went from 5/0 to 6/5 in only +/- 10mins. I was getting told I suck and should stop getting caught, I raged a bit (yes I admit I flamed at that point) and then muted them all because they would just make me angry. I see our adc flashing into their adc at melee range and instantly die, toplane never engaging, then I get raped by 4 ppl :/ After being so fed we still lost eventhough I almost begged them to cover me and atleast ss when someone goes missing. Our adc that called me bad finished 3/7/3 with only 6.9k dmg in a 35 minute game. Our flaming jungler went 5/9/3 and our supp finished 2/8/2. Why do they refuse to let me carry after begging them? and on top of that call me bad when I was the only one doing good. Anyway just wanted to write this rant down, I think i'm pretty done with ranked for a while. Side note: I was banned before for flaming 3 months ago and I haven't flamed since, untill today (or maybe 1 game a couple weeks ago). I guess ranked brings out the worst in us.
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