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League of Legends Match History
Every game is a story; visit the new League of Legends match history to check out how this one ends and share your own!
I start a **normal **Match at **Top** Fighting **Annie** with **Quinn** Match was fluid in first **2 Minutes**, Suddenly their **Lee Sin **came at the bushes behind my tower, Luckily I had my wards and saw him And that my **Jungle **was at **Red Buff** which is near me, Kept asking for help, And he just kept killing **Red Buff**, **Lee **tried to gank But I dodged his **Q**, Still kept asking for help but He went to **Krugs** [My Jungle, Vayne], **Lee **invaded and killed me, Then **Vayne**finally decided to Gank and Didn't kill anyone, Since they all escaped. When I returned, **Lee **ganked again, And got me killed from under **Turret**, again, Then asked the Jungle to Gank, Again! And she didn't gank, Kept telling her **Annie **is **lv6 **and i'm **lv5**, And that I need help, Got no respond, Then the **Deletion **started by **Annie **doing her** R + W + Q**, Then Lee comes, After I return to lane, dives **Turret**, Presses **R**, **Annie **Presses **R**, And I die, agian, Decided to **roam**, Saw **Anivia** in **Egg-Mode **under our **Turret**, And Bard, Vayne behind, Went to Help **Anivia** since he was just near Reviving and he is the Carry, Jumped into the **5 v 3**, Suddenly it is **5 v 1** And Anivia tells me I'm **Initi-feeding**, replied by "My score is bad Because I kept getting Ganked and got no Ganks from Vayne ffs", Suddenly **Vayne **goes with "Look at your score", **Anivia **goes with "Report him for Init-feeding", replied to **Vayne** "My score is like that because of you not ganking at all", And her reply was "Why should I even gank your lane?", I replied by "Because you're the goddamn Jungle", Suddenly Vayne goes with "Report him for flaming and feeding", Anivia agrees, So on and forward, What I was doing after all of this is Riding the **Blue-Brid** Jump on **Annie**, Either kill her or she uses **Zhonya **and Lee kills me, Or the enemy **Vayne **kills me When I jump at her becasue got stunned by **Annie** or rooted by **Lux**, Or **Katarina** just one-shots me, So my score became horrible from trying to play the Game, told **Vayne **"that wouldn't happen if you ganked any lane in the game instead of farming, You're a bad jungle don't play the role again", Anivia replied "You're reported for flaming", Vayne replies "Look at me, I feed like you but not flaming". Game ends, I'm reported for flaming, init-feeding by **Anivia, Vayne**. What is this? I tried not to get tilted at all, But what is this? Check this: https://matchhistory.eune.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/EUN1/1935331971/204036569?tab=stats , What is this? Just wanted to try the Champion, And that what happens.
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