To all the players who get permabanned

After losing one game due to a genuine troll today (troll summoners and feeding on purpose), and a champ select troll forcing people to are a few thoughts about QQ threads from people who get permabanned, and are then mightily surprised they find no understanding from the community. Does it really surprise you, that all you see here are negative reactions, when you QQ about your just punishment on the boards? You guys make this great game insufferable for us at times. There is no nicer way to describe it. Having a flamer, a report-caller or a genuine troll in the game, is one of the worst experiences this game sometimes includes. **And therefore, we will we do what we can to get you banned as soon as possible.** And we will not take pity on you. We will not "tolerate because its just a game". And we will not care about excuses. You ruin our games, you waste hours of our time, you make our hobby and enjoyment an insufferable experience. And for that, there will be punishment! The system is even DESIGNED to give you chances. Multiple chances actually. You get 3 warnings and ample opportunity to reform. If you manage to ignore it, if you manage to get permabanned, then I have no sympathy left, no understanding, no tolerance for that kind of behavior. All I have left is a feeling of relief to see Riot preventing such players from troubling this community again. I have never seen a single case of permaban, which wasn't COMPLETELEY DESERVED. # I want to thank Riot for their great systems of behaviour - control, please keep up the good work guys! -frantic
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