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Hello everyone! I'm not creating this channel because I need something, but because I wanna prevent you all from doing he same misstake as me. Yesterday, I was duo-ing with a friend I met on Warframe like 6 months ago when, sadly, someone started to flame us in French because we weren't playing really really good. My friend was a bit upset so he left the voice chat. I tried to talk in French with the Diana that was flaming us (because I'm Belgian) and just tried to make her less aggresive, I was like: "Yeah, true that he dies and is a bit salty, but pls stop flaming us". (These are not my exact speech but anyway, you understand). My friend, who doesn't speak French, went on a translator to understand what I said, and he took it really really reaaaally badly. That made him ragequit the game (also the fact that we were getting stomped). Finally, he deleted me from everywhere: LoL, Steam, Discord,... I'm really afflicted with that story, I mean really much. I was playing 24/7 with him or at least talking, and now, just because I tried to make someone better, I ruined all of our friendship. With all of that, I just wanted to say everyone: Be careful with what you say, maybe you can understand something one way, but if you're with someone else, he/she could understand it another way and be really hurt by that. Now, I know I shouldn't have said what I said, and I understand that he can feel betrayed because of what I said, but I think the pain is shared between us and now that he blocked me everywhere, the only think I can do is helping other people to avoid them to live the same calamity as me. I also hope he will once read this message and come back to me, because we explained a bit to each other on discord before he delete me, and he said he understood me and what I meant. Is it true? idk but the fact is: I lost one of my best friends ever and I don't know how I'll go over it... Don't hesitate to share this message to help as much people as you can. Also, think about that this story could have happened on another game too... PS: I put this message in the board "player Behaviour" but I wish I could lpace it in advice too.
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