Please, permaban this kind of troll

Hi, Today in champion select, the following happened: Nunu prepicked Aatrox. Taliyah banned Aatrox. Nunu picked nunu (top) to troll. Nunu also only raged tali for that. Bard (mid) picked Bard to troll. _in game_ Taliyah went int (0/3 in first 2 minutes and so on): she has a deathrate which is ** more than 1 death/min** Nunu did nothing Please, ban guys like that. How could they even reach Platinum with an attitude like that? Sidenote: Why don't leave? 2 reasons: I've a low priority queue (internet stopped working a few days ago, while I was just gonna play a ranked game) and I'm in promo series ...
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