Unbelievable situation

This gold IV division is really driving me crazy, please tell me what is the first thing you do when someone afk at the beginning of the game? If you have at least one functional neuron then you will probably think like this : "We have an afk player which means that we have a high chance to lose and nothing guarantee he will come back later, so what should we do? Oh yes, there is a way to put us out of this, RIOT has introduced a new function called remake, let's use it ^^." That was a theory version, let me show you the real version. "Me: /remake First player: NO Second player: NO Third player: NO" The afk player was a support, I played jungle and the adc was flaming me for no ganks, yeah my bad. Now you might think that we lost this match, but actually, it was a very good run, the support came back 2 mins before they surrender after 19mins, and we ended up with 21/7/12. I don't really know how this happened, but what can I do to prevent this kind of behaviour from happening again, the only solution is an auto remake.
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