The behaviour of the 5 roles in a nutshell!

_So, i decided to use my personal knowledge of behaviour and differences between the players of the 5 roles available._ **Top Laners:** These people tend to be rather quiet, and occasionally call for a gank, but most of the BM, such as mastery / emote spam happens here, and control of the lane shifts constantly due to most people at top having some form of hard CC under tower. **Mid Laners:** These guys tend to be risky, or VERY careful, usually always calling SS, pinging lanes, **_and taking all the jungler's blue buffs._** if they lose laning phase, there's **usually** no hope for them whatsoever, as almost every mid tends to be extremely squishy, relying on damage, and without proper damage or survivability, these guys pop faster than balloons. **Junglers:** These guys almost never say a word, EVER. There are three types of junglers: The farmers, who, well, farm jungle and never gank, the average **_(average)_** and the Chain-Gankers, who usually gank so much that they only have ~30 CS at 20:00. **The Supports:** Mostly optimistic, forgiving guys who can win a game for you, or, well, _**win a game for you.**_ These people tend to be the _REAL_ carries, usually hard CC'ing a whole team and winning teamfights for their team, and then telling everyone "GJ guys, end now". **The ADCs:** By far the most unstable, most ADCs who win lane rarely speak, or just BM. Most ADCs who LOSE lane, they tend to blame everyone except themselves for every mistake they make. _"Our supp sucks | Team, hello?! | Jungle 0 ganks | Report mid no ss"_, things like that, as if they were Challenger smurfs themselves... But they can either 1v5 and get a penta, or fail to 1v1 the enemy support. **_Unstable & Unpredicatable._** **IMPORTANT NOTE**: _This is all off my personal experience with the League Of Legends community, i might have slightly generalized, and some might find this incorrect, but remember that this is from **my experience**._ _Thank you and have a nice day!_ {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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