I am simply done..

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I don't even know where to start, my patience has died. I am making this one final post, and then I'm done with everything that means Riot Games. Getting a response from Riot feels like awaiting an answer from God himself.I have better chances meeting my soulmate.Why does Riot feel like the apple of gaming industry.It's all about that sweet RP purchases, on which I have spent enough back in the day when I used to enjoy playing this game.The reasons why I will quit.I know most of you don't care, but whoever feels the same, spare a few minutes on this, and think really hard, maybe you will see my point. Riot's feedback is close to 0 Several times I have tried to apply for a PBE account, in 2 years it never happened, yet I see toxic players enjoying the PBE more than I will ever do. I had some security account issues, asked for a skin (because I have about 300) transfer to my secondary account.It's simply can't be done, someone from RIOT replied. Someone in my friends list, that playes Kog Maw with scripts, I've met him in gold 5, he is Diamond 3 now in just 1 month.No worries for him, yet here I grind in Gold praying to Jesus and Batman for a fair, reasonable team.Justice well served. The report feature is useless ( I understand it might get abused, but with a closer look the server could get healthier), trolls and flamers play with no stress, I never get any feedback from my reports.Figures, since the community is 50%+ toxic, a huge loss in RP will be noticed. Why don't you implement a system, that flamers and trolls should play with each other, and those of us who are friendly and game oriented, have matches on our own? Is it that hard? Countless support tickets for scripters, elo boosting, trolls, etc.Never seen some positive responses, just the same old automatic reply. Why am I leaving LoL? It feels like spending time with my ex girlfriend. I will attach some match history. I am not crying, I know I'm not the best player, I know my potential, which is platinum 5-3.I've been there before on my own.Now I can't leave gold 5 because of trolls.And it's a proven fact, you can't carry games where you have rage quitters and feeders.Not in this season. Today I had a 3 game loss streak, and when I finally won a game, it didn't count because the server had issues, really? I almost never flame, just then I get really titled, because I am a human being, I have my limits.But even when I do, I don't charge in like a crazy baboon and start wishing cancer to everyone. I am simply done, I have no idea what do do anymore, I practiced in normal games, warding, 1 v 1, team fights, I know my cooldowns and my damage.But yet again, my ADC who is 0/4 still thinks that diving a 4-0 ADC is OK!How can I changed that?Trying to help him with constructive feedback gets me a "stfu u noob", "ok, afk". So I am done with League, and I have one question, about the RP that I purchased, who will reimburse me?Nobody. Riot, try, for once, to hear the community.This is a game, it's supposed to be fun. ===Screen shots are from today's games only, please have a look, most intentional feeders=== Sorry if I wasted your time guys, have a great and wonderful day!
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