is this something u get perma banned for?

Game 1 Pre-Game BgADong: u shouldve said that in banning phase BgADong: yeah im still a virgin BgADong: there would be a 1st time for me right? BgADong: wtf they blur v1rgin? In-Game BgADong: double ks BgADong: xd ez what? BgADong: i did the work there BgADong: u inly got sum kills BgADong: ez he said BgADong: jiust push mid BgADong: nha its not BgADong: it will ,ever be BgADong: no BgADong: yeah ofc BgADong: nice feed guys BgADong: i appreciate it BgADong: yeah can u pls stfu? BgADong: ur acting so weird BgADong: u wawnna look like the pro player BgADong: and thats annoyin BgADong: g BgADong: oh hi dad BgADong: cool u can rea BgADong: woah look we're losing BgADong: i wonder how would that happen BgADong: talon? BgADong: holyyyyyyyyyyy BgADong: okay time to actually try to havefun by feeding si nce its all over BgADong: yeah not / BgADong: 3/7 BgADong: oh great team BgADong: u focus the wrong ones xd BgADong: rep ashe feed and toxic :( BgADong: xddddddddd yah and ur the one saying that BgADong: u seem tilted bro BgADong: xdddddddddd BgADong: idk me too whos tilted here? BgADong: why dont we just ff? BgADong: xd yeah BgADong: and wasting time is cool BgADong: after feeding u prefer to waste time too BgADong: typical players BgADong: ty for e morg BgADong: so rep my team they refuse to ff BgADong: casue its 'coward' BgADong: anyways gg better top wins BgADong: oh ty BgADong: nice bot very nice BgADong: haha ez BgADong: what are u expecting me to do there? BgADong: u fed them BgADong: i can do nothing xd BgADong: yeah like if i dont go we'll wi, BgADong: its already over bud xd BgADong: yeah same BgADong: betetr bot wins Post-Game BgADong: xd team BgADong: what xd?? BgADong: really guys? ws BgADong: cause they got tilted BgADong: cause they fed BgADong: they must show that its not their fault BgADong: typical players xd BgADong: xddddddddddddddd BgADong: u mad bros? BgADong: idk whats wrong with them xd BgADong: they all hate me for no reason BgADong: i mean i helped them with some instructions BgADong: they never listened BgADong: and yet they flame me BgADong: never help BgADong: and want to rep me xd Game 2 In-Game BgADong: what are the chances we lose this game? BgADong: yeah sure BgADong: we'll see BgADong: oh funny sup BgADong: welp this shows i must mute u BgADong: for what reason BgADong: why al i a kid? BgADong: enlighten me BgADong: still waiting for the reason why im a kid by muting u bud :) BgADong: ?wth is this range BgADong: haha aatrox mid he said BgADong: hes getting fked now xd BgADong: oh i fking hate that champ BgADong: as ms aand can get out of my range easily BgADong: i lost tower top BgADong: haha aatrox mid BgADong: what a loser BgADong: omg ur so good player BgADong: teach me how to win next time BgADong: cool heimer BgADong: give em more kills BgADong: so 0 is our chance to lose?
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