Tryhard Does not exist, Not in Ranked, Not in Normal... It just doesnt exist.

So when i play normal, I often hear the Word "Tryhard" coming up left and right and in enemy chat and Yeah, Usually its used where you kill a person in a fashion that make it seem Your trying Your best, but in reality its a kill caused by the killer when he thinks common sense, So i took the time and effort to Google "Tryhard" And this fits right up my alley: TRYHARD: A person who puts a large amount of effort into achieving a certain image, or counter-image, to the point where it is obviously contrived. Rather than achieving an image through genuine personality, the try-hard consciously attempts to fit a certain style through deliberate imitation, forced style, or scripted behavior. That is to say, he/she is trying hard to create an image. 1. A face-saving insult used by someone who is feeling inadequate. Basically accuses anyone who is better than them at anything of putting in effort. Doubles as an excuse for sucking by implying lack of effort on the speaker's part. _**2. An insult blatantly misused by 13-year-old kiddies in online gaming who, ironically, try very hard to win themselves and take it too seriously when they lose.**_ ( I Like this one ) 3. Someone who tries too hard to fit in. Easy to spot online because of their constant use of trendy internet slang such as "fail", "cool story bro", and "tryhard". --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- League Is a game that is 80% Muscle memory, From last hitting the creeps, To knowing what to do at certain Points in the game, Its mostly muscle memory.. What does this mean? Usually you dont have to put up any extra effort to know what to do at any certain point of time during the game, UNLESS Your trying to become better at certain Things, Like Last Hitting, Item Builds, Gank Patterns, What ever it is.. So in the end it doesnt really matter what mode you play, Normal or Ranked... You play the same regardless, And just because you take the mode "less Serious" doesnt always mean you play it "Worse" It just means Your slacking more and letting Your already thougth out experience to do the job for you, Wich gives you usually an effort on 80% I Would say, from personal experience I sometimes even play BETTER when i am slacking... Wich is unfortunate.. Now I am not gonna protect "Normal mode" by any means, But if Your stuck in bronze / Silver There is a lot you can learn from playing normal in where you dont have to worry about Your LP or Climbing and losing and then get frustrated just to go and blame Your team mates for Your loss in wich could just as easly be Your own fault.. There are times i have been wanting to blame my team mate, but realized that it was my own fault for doing certain stuff.. You are gonna get better by playing against gold, plat, Diamond etc by entering those divisions, But first you need to get there, And if you cant Climb there, Playing normal and practice the game it self should be a better option then get frustrated by playing ranked "But if i dont play ranked, I wont get better at the game" Biggest lie inside League of Legends.. Really.. If you dont understand the concept of getting better, This is the excuse everyone come up With.. Just ask Your self this, If a boxer wants to become a good boxer, why isnt he boxing against opponents rather then spending time in the gym? same answer.. :)
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