(Securing) a win versus Sportsmanlike Conduct

Now the question is; what's more important? 1. **(securing) the win for your team.** Not assisting the enemy team, trying to deny the enemy team **every** chance to get back into the game. This by, for example, killing the weakling/newbie over and over and over; using the pressure of a dc'd player to your advantage or playing around a tilted enemy member. 2. **being sportsmanlike** Going friendly on the enemy team, ignoring the advantage enemy players might have given you, giving them a chance on a fair game. This by, for example, going easy on the weakling/newbie, allowing a dc'd player to farm up and get back into the game and not trying to tilt enemy members even further. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________ This question got to me after my game this morning. I let a friend convince me to do an early ranked game, queueing together with him. Me being silver I and him being silver III, so we're around the same level - and there should be no harm in playing together. I'll give a short summary of the game after which I'll re-ask the question and why it's slightly troubling me. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The enemy marksman picked my Ashe and people that know me well, is that I only feel comfortable on two champions: Ashe and Gnar. I wondered if I should just dodge, decided on picking Tristana and started loading in the game. The game loaded pretty fast, I was the last person to load into the game. All fine, a normal ranked game; the teams: {{champion:43}} {{champion:18}} {{champion:81}} {{champion:5}} {{champion:98}} versus {{champion:40}} {{champion:22}} {{champion:99}} {{champion:24}} {{champion:150}} Janna was first to arrive in botlane, me and Karma followed. No Ashe. I decided on pushing hard, farming untill the remake or just denying Ashe as much farm as possible by pushing the wave into her turret. **Minute 3 passed, no remake no Ashe.** Me and Karma were on the same page, without ever talking really, we just pushed the wave hard, pushed the turret hard - abusing the pressure the Ashe had given us. {{champion:40}}: "Can you please not push that hard? Ashe dc'd again." My initial response was: "It's not our problem she dc'd." **3 outerturrets in** Lux had been running to botlane over and over, we forced both Jax and Lux to come down to help Janna if they wanted to safe their innter turret (which is how we got the other turrets). Lux was starting to get annoyed/mad/tilted/something in that direction. {{champion:99}}: "Some people have too much fun in this 4v5." {{champion:98}}: "I had this a few games back, you got it now... tomorrow your enemies might have an afk." ~~though slightly less nuanced~~ Since the enemies had been complaining over and over and I was getting slightly annoyed I answered: "By not using the pressure Ashe gave me, I might be obstructing the win for my team - which is assisting the enemy team or griefing and against the rules as well." **Around minute 15 and 4 turrets in Ashe returns** She overstayed so I killed her once. But it quickly got clear that the enemy team had better players then us. We made some mistakes, some bad fights happened. The enemies gained a slight lead in kills, the Ashe started to come back in the game a bit. In the end we won due to the lead in turrets we had, the lead in pressure, objectives and gold - but it's obvious we would've lost hard if the Ashe would've been there from the beginning, if we in botlane (and as a team) hadn't abused the advantage of one player that dc'd. Which is what lead me to my question. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________ What would you've done? And where's the line between being sportsmanlike and abusing leads/advantages that are just handed to you like that. What weighs more, is more important? Securing the win for your team by abusing advantages like this that are handed to you, trying your best to deny the enemy team every chance to get back in the game. Being hard and unmercyfull in abusing any advantage matchmaking/enemy members handed to you. Being sportsmanlike on the enemy team, giving in on Jannas requist and let the change for a free firstblood turret (and more turrets) slip in order to create a fair and sportsmanlike environment. Allowing the Ashe to farm, not harming or killing her when she (overstays) in a lane to farm back up. Ignoring the free pressure the enemies gave us, staying on "even" ground untill the Ashe returned and got back into the game. With the risk of losing the game due to that and the risk of by doing so assisting the enemy team into winning the game.
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