Hacked account from 4 years ago refusing to respond or give the acc back

Alright long story short, i was dumb enough to buy a league account a online. and when i recieved this account it had Diffrent username and summonor name so i was like ok new acc. he said it was his personal acc. so after playing few games i check his tickets he had done. And would u look at that it was a ticket i made 4 years ago. to correct that i checked my email. and yes i had the same damn email abt this ticket. so i wrote to the guy who sold me the acc and i told him this is actually my account and i demanded a refund. since he refused to tell the truth and said it was his acc and he was the creator of the acc. i opened a dispute on him on paypal and i won. and 1 week later he recovered the acc and so knowingly he would try recover it i sent a ticket to league that this was my acc and with my proof. so before they reviewed my ticket i made on that acc, they just gave the acc back to him since he knew information abt the acc ofc. but then i made another ticket and still no response from riot has passed 3 days. now i just made a ticket again and ive waited long enough and im sick of this. i have information and proof that i made this acc before it was hacked. and all the hacker has is information from 2014 and to now. i even sent pictures of me gifitng myself skins and screenshots i made that time and even had proof of me playing on that acc before 2014. Now riot gave him access to my account which means he has access to my ticket i made, and now he has all information i gave them to recover it. i find this really ridiculous that its even possible that they can give an account so easily to a hacker but, when it comes to the owner of the acc. naah just ignore him. whats the deal. its do damn %%%%%%ed.

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