i got permabanned though i tried to reform

Seriously,i tried but on game,normal draft,no flame at all,got permabanned cause i played vs draven high elo smurf in top.What i could? tell me guys? what? now its too late i didn't want to flame when knew ill get permabanned,i started crying.Or help me or i officially quit league my 7 years of playing this game lead to this.I wanted is to reform,but how to i do it when i get constantly insulted,reported and trolled?any help from community which made me like this?just to explain,here is chat log:Game 1 gabi1510: guys i try to reform so all muted gabi1510: guys i quit gabi1510: ill just farm and wont fight gabi1510: cause i want to play normal top gabi1510: and draven top is off meta gabi1510: i need help gabi1510: guys srsly if you want to i dont feed,i need SOME HELP gabi1510: casuse hje goes aggro gabi1510: and has range which i dont have gabi1510: qtgćž gabi1510: 34weG gabi1510: 34EW gabi1510: ZT43 gabi1510: i quit gabi1510: gj draven you just made me having permabanned after i just gort unbanned for an hour ty bro i go rope myself gabi1510: imma just go and hang myself bye drven hope you have me on your heart gabi1510: cause clearly you need to stop playing off meta champion gabi1510: imma now destroy you gabi1510: ill make you cry now gabi1510: ye my fault that i had bad game where i knew ill lose gabi1510: my fault gabi1510: rep me now gabi1510: yew gabi1510: i need to die gabi1510: im fuucking idiot gabi1510: for you gabi1510: you dont understand that i cant do much in this game where all are rangeds gabi1510: this is njormal draft no pain no gain gabi1510: thjis is normal game not ranked gabi1510: anmd you still going to insult me for fhaving bad normal draft game gabi1510: gj anivia gabi1510: keep it up gabi1510: make peole pry gabi1510: yes i coukld gabi1510: i frosted lane gabi1510: but it didnt last for long gabi1510: rteport6ed gabi1510: when i get banned,ill pull ppl to get penalties too gabi1510: im 16 with anger issues gabi1510: no way gabi1510: when noone understood me gabi1510: and pinged like jhin gabi1510: gg gabi1510: wish you luck,im officially permabanned gabi1510: i was in normal draft I am officially going to try to do full reform,cause seriously i have enough good skill for plat-dia but you're community of trollers,insulters and flamer-haters are shutting me down this is 2nd account which was shut down by them.How much i have to suffer in circle of system?5 more years?till i quit?till you finnaly do some changes in a system which will help me go thru hell?guys im in hell already,noone is helping,i have anger issues,community is more toxic than i am and i got executed in any game where i coudn't do anything to make ally team win for freacking 200 xp.Itry my best,but look.That is life,cruel and when it hits you,move on.Like me.RIOT won't do now anything cuz im tagged like rapist or jude in WW2.They will just try to execute my other's accounts so i am away from game where things are on trollers and AFK's onthier side currently.ope you don't flame,cause it makes nothing instead losing game
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