Ban for flame but... Isn't it a bit overreacted?

So. My account has been suspended for actually can't tell what, flaming? Probably being offensive. I can understand a ban for flaming, calling other idiots, noobs, retards, fu.cktards, bastards, shi.t etc. but the point is i actually didn't flame. Still the things i said are for sure not, not good but i think they are far away from "flaming". I still understand the restriction but i do really believe that things i said do not lead to a 14 days account suspend. If you want to see my reform card, just write. Also as far as i know, to get banned you need to get value of reports in your last games. Also is this possible it's unfair to get suspended for saying something bad in 1-2 games but keep a ban by reports from games i didn't say anything bad?
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