Riot support and ban for bad games . (hard int with troll and afk(no))

Month ago i got 14 days ban for trolling normal game with 3 friends . Аfter this game , everyone in lobby got 14 days ban . i tried to unblock friends accs in riot support becouse for the most part it was my fault and i felt like dirty pig , but it was unsuccessful . Few days ago i got permanent ban for : Looks like intentional feeding . Okay lets check in which games ... No no no it isnt just a bad game , it is hard inting and troll pick . OMG LOOK AT THIS INTERs MATCH HISTORY - He s loosing every game with CLEANSE AND GHOST !!! Im 200% sure that riot support will agree with this fair ban . Justice , justice and again lol what . (game replays r open , enjoy if u need it )
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