My view about community nowdays.

Whats up every1, hope you are having a wonderful day! I have been thinking about starting a discussion about this for a very long time, and now i felt it was the right to do it. Okay, lets get to the point, im gonna talk about community nowdays and also about the teams, what teams you get placed with and so on :). Aight lets go, I just bought kaisa and im really enjoying her, the only problem with this is that whenever i play without my duo partner, who mostly plays support, its litterely impossible to get a good game with her, like this game i just played for 15 min ago, i was placed with a lux support that didnt even know that you could re-cast your E to make it explode earlier, and she was overall pretty shit. She did nothing that a support is supposed to do either. And this is not something that happens one game a day, its very very often and its super rare to play with a support that acutally does its thing. Oh btw, i had a veigar mid aswell that was 1/11 at 23 min. I tried to help him and i told him to stay back a bit and just farm himself stronger. He didnt listen at all. I am plat 4 and i feel like its very sad that i get placed with those dudes, i cant be the only one. (btw i am plat 4 and lvl 180.) Well well, i got hella pissed because right now i am pretty damn tired of this community, no one is positive anymore, people are just blaming each other and seeing the less good things their teammates do, and not the good things at all. This irritates me alot, how the **** are people thinking? Do people really think they will have a bigger chance of winning if they are gonna be hella negative? I dont really see the logic there, you play the game because you wanna have fun (of course) but also to win right? We all wanna have that good looking match history and we all love that good feeling whenever you win the game. Thanks for reading. Have a wondeful day and remember to stay positive in the game and try to make someone else happy! Lets try to make this community better together. {{champion:145}}
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