A different kind of toxic behaviour

League of Legends is a really competitive game, and the fact that people are trying hard to win games and tier up is visible throughout all ranked tiers. However, a big issure arises when people tryhard on normal games as well. Normal games are ment to be relaxed and fun. People play normal games to wind down from ranked. I don't see why people pick the most broken champs, use needlessly complicated stuff like animation cancelling, flame you when they kill you, playing very offensively and targeting the support on normal games. What if I want to play the game to have fun? Why do I have to endure tryhards with broken champions that take proud in their kills by babysitting or by 4v1 me under the tower? Can't I have a competitive but fair and not toxic game? To clarify even more, yes, such behaviour should be considered toxic. Is it fun playing against a champion so OP that shouldn't even exist, being flamed when you are killed (both by them and your team), not being able to farm during the laning phase because god forbid, the slightest mistake you make will result in you being flash-ulted and killed? I don't think that normal games are fun anymore, when this behaviour is even encouraged by riot by releasing ridiculously OP champs. I believe that Riot should also instill a one-account-per-person policy. Seriously, being a noob that has just started playing the game and having to play against smurfs is extemely frustrating. What do you think?
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