Perm ban for that?

Game 1 Pre-Game Koalius: ignite Koalius: just win the lane pls In-Game Koalius: im done Koalius: this taliyah is over pushing all the itme Koalius: what could i do Koalius: tell me Koalius: cd? Koalius: yeah ofc Koalius: as always Koalius: ward drag Koalius: Its a joke Koalius: ... Koalius: If you know they are there Koalius: why dont go there Koalius: im done Koalius: your trolling Koalius: srsly Koalius: im doing everything ok Koalius: you lost dragon, baron Koalius: died 8 times Koalius: and try to flame me? Koalius: YES Koalius: THATS THE CHAMP Koalius: HE;S ROAMING Koalius: IM STACKING Koalius: muted Koalius: just survive to late game Koalius: XDDXDXXDDXDX Koalius: this team is legit afk Koalius: w o w Koalius: report me that you gave free kills to taliyax Koalius: legit Koalius: jesus christ Koalius: u keep pinging me Koalius: Look at your deaths Koalius: yeah sure Koalius: not my fault u cant play vs roam Post-Game Koalius: good luck being hardstuck d5 Koalius: Yeah Koalius: tell me 1 thing Koalius: i did wrong Koalius: or dont talk Koalius: yeah Koalius: with 68% win rate Koalius: unfortunately cant carrry you Koalius: yeah Koalius: its useless Koalius: if u keep dying Koalius: :dd Koalius: JUST check my profile Koalius: in a week Koalius: i will be d4 Koalius: at worst Koalius: cya Game 2 Pre-Game Koalius: bann taliyah and camille Koalius: im 99% sure they have taliyah and camille mains In-Game Koalius: Renekton and nocturne are duo smurfs Koalius: They will likely counterjungle you Koalius: and focus top lane Koalius: they main camille and taliyah Koalius: thats why we banned them Koalius: d3/d2 Koalius: Kennen Koalius: come mid Koalius: pls Koalius: Just dont feed kata Koalius: She used everything Koalius: 5 mid Koalius: TOP* Koalius: XDDDDDDDD Koalius: ward dragon Koalius: Lol Koalius: You jumped into 5 of them Koalius: dont do that Koalius: Kennen go top Koalius: GG wp im so done Koalius: Trolls everywhere Koalius: Yeah, i didnt Koalius: They did Koalius: oh my god Koalius: uninstall pls Koalius: ff this Koalius: pls Koalius: i dont want to waste my time trying to carry you Koalius: just ff Koalius: dont waste my nerves Koalius: wp Koalius: ofc Koalius: just stop dying Koalius: my god Koalius: pls Koalius: XD Koalius: ff this pls Koalius: ff it Koalius: 100 cs in 20 min kennen your my hero Koalius: I hope u all get perm banned Koalius: as soon as possible Koalius: Uninstall this game Koalius: pls Koalius: carried by bronze teammates Koalius: report them Game 3 Pre-Game Koalius: i can go zed In-Game Koalius: their bot lane is smurfing and duo Koalius: all you have to do is dont feed Koalius: k Koalius: im done already Koalius: DXDDDXDDXDX Koalius: im so done Koalius: gg Koalius: ff it Koalius: u are all reported Koalius: i dont want to play this game Koalius: ff Koalius: great :) Koalius: ff Koalius: ff Koalius: keep farming diana Koalius: Kennen is a useless champ dont pick it dude I got perm banned FOR THAT. Its a joke, right? NOT A SINGLE CURSE. people troll the game, intentionally feed- but they never get banned. But when someone says a bad word about someone trolling then that person gets penalized instantly. its a f. joke. People tell me to kill myself, wish death to my family but i never get a reminder about they getting penalized. its a joke, right?
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