Stop crying and play the game.

If you are one of those people who say 5-10 minutes into the game that "its lost gg" and "ff", the best advice I can give you is to shut the %%%% up and stop typing. Why should everyone "go next"? Just so you can int someone else's game quicker? What a pointless tradition it has become for people to want to "go next". What are the chances of you actually doing better the next game? Why not just try to win the one you are already in? The psychological state of about 25% of players who play this game is severely %%%%ed, because I seem to get about 1 person a game at least who sees that we are falling behind, and says its lost go next. And I tell that asshole that its not lost and I will fight till the end, and he is sooooo proud of himself when we do lose because he predicted it. I've got bad news for you buddy, because you may feel like an absolute beast for predicting that we would lose, but you are in fact the biggest loser. I urge anyone who reads this to take on each game with the mindset that you will not give up no matter what, and just try to win each game even if the team is 0-10 at 5 mins in. Also if anyone is around gold 3 elo, and wants to duo at some point, my summoner name is Kíngsman
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