I got permanently banned or even punished over 7 years ive been playing

Hi ive been playing league since season 1 and ive never been banned before and this is my first time and i just wanna hear some feedback. So prior before the perma i played with my best friend used the word %%% 1 time and got instantly 14 day ban without any warning chat restriction or anything the account has had 0 strikes or any warnings before. I get it i said %%% as a joke and it is bad i get it my own fault that i took. The perma ban on the other hand i defended a darius in my game on the enemy team that their jax flamed, on the first game he was saying look at your sion look at my darius he is inting to i threw some examples in there for him. The second game my skarner inted my lane twisted fate and lulu were flaming eachother and the tf left lulu was screaming idiots go next or something like that, and me and my vayne were left with this. i told lulu you were silver lastseason and hardstuck gold this season because youre toxic. also i said the word %%%%head because my internet went down for 15 secs and heimer killed me xd. also links to the log game 1: https://gyazo.com/c261806fbdc82edf9516e92532002a13 game 1 second half : https://gyazo.com/68af776e24331746fe07819a4998a9fd game 2: https://gyazo.com/c3d205329b256be7324fee6c34555264 fyi: the 1 time is a j cole song, and i dont get why the leave me red and didnt expect the darius flash is in there i just feel like the system is broken and they should bring back tribunal. sorry for the wonky english im fuming right now because i have no account to stream with now :/ i wrote a ticket aswell and there is just a bot replying to me now with 0 information. before the ban i got banned for 14 days because i used the word %%% i know my own fault didnt know using it once would instantly get me banned for 14 days but i guess i had bad luck and the system picked me up.My on fault ill take it but the perma seems very unfair since i feel like the system cant pick up whats been going on in the game and if i could i would present the whole game to riot to see that oh he actually wasnt being toxic and in the 1st line of why i even got perma is that i was defending a enemy top laner being flamed by their own jax jungle and saying swain has no clue what he is doing since he has 30 farm when he has 70 on the enemy team is to say hey guys stop flaming eachother we can still win the game but thats still being picked up as flame? saying oh damn i didnt expect the flash and died or me asking for red is still picking me up as being toxic? saying %%%%head once in a game because heimer killed me on lane when i died even tho skarner was inting my lane? i dont know this all seems really unfair and i just want some feedback. im a small streamer and now i cant stream ive never been punished before in my life i started season mid season 1 keep that in mind and never have i been banned before. i asked what got me banned what guidelines did i break where did it pick me up as being toxic, how can people still play if they int and give up on 5 minutes and flame the whole team i just dont get it i feel its like gambling who gets banned or not please bring back tribunal this is kinda idiotic.
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