So i kinda snapped and got tilted in aram where got i spam ulted off cooldown by enemy team (rakan malphite zyra). My team was also just watching me get blown up, even though we had a kindred with ult ready most of the time. Game 1 In-Game GrandAbomination: nice try nerds GrandAbomination: get off me %%%%ing featherd %%%got GrandAbomination: eat shit whore GrandAbomination: a team of dumb ult, press R to win GrandAbomination: ults* Post-Game GrandAbomination: go %%%% yourself, u didnt have to play with this team, and this useless kindred GrandAbomination: %%%%ing drooling %%%gots, just pressing R together 14 day suspension for this... I wasn't using any racial slurs or telling them to "%%%" Also my last punishment was YEARS ago, haven't even gotten chat banned since then.
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