is calling someone a noob considered flame?

can i be banned for calling someone a noob, i have never been banned on any of my accounts but i do call people noobs often just wondering if i should stop incase i get banned e.g i am mid i push lane go top to gank i ping top i even write in chat im coming top i come top take the enemies top down to 1 or 2 hits dead and they get away. Our top doesnt help but carries on farming i would say jung dont bother ganking for top he is a noob edit: ok so from most of the people commenting here i realize i shouldnt call people noobs, can be hard sometimes when people have lv 7 mastery in a champ yet feed and never help out wen u go to save them or farm wen theirs is a free kill infront of them. But i will stop calling people noobs i just wanted to know if others felt the same or did the same from time to time
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