It`s over boyz We`re all going to get permabanned soon since the majority of league of legends players write:``ez`` after a game, write:``report x``(even if he is 0-10),write:`` i will go afk``(meanwhile the game is 20-3 for the enemy team).It`s really sad what this game have become.My friend got permabanned for writing in 2 games:``report sona,ez game``,``you`re trash``,``i`ll just go afk``,``you`re fu**ing silver``.I guess these days it is better to not use chat at all.You might be soon banned without even knowing why.It`s pathetic how some kids gets offended so easily by these words and report you as soon as they end the game.There is a mute button for a reason:To mute people that offend you.So use it !!.
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