I am tired

Do I really have to say anything? State of servers, State of the client, State of support, State of the game after adding new modes, Amount of information they give us. Balancing/Developing of champions and items. Behaviour with toxicity ingame. It's unbearable. Just imagine someone sitting in front of you and saying all the toxic stuff in your face. Everything about this is not fun. Not a single thing. Not even winning. Because the playing itself gets you so f'cking tired. In fact, I've never seen a game that has so many negative aspects that could be so easy to fix. And before some of you guys come sh*tting around with "riot can't just do as players like" - Riot even asks players what they want and pretend to act to their suggestions. Remember the survey where they asked if the players want more champs? Pretty sure it was something around: 60% saying there are enough champs, 30% saying there are too many champs, 10% saying there are not enough champs. Now look at this year alone, 3 champs in.. 2 months? At least thats what it feels like. Wonder why Qiyanas winrate is so bad but it's so annoying to play against her? Because everyone is tired of learning these f'cking new things some crazy head shat out. We know riot can have cool ideas, but we don't want them ingame. We said it. At least 90% of us. These 90% are tired. Of each of these things. I really can't imagine a single thing I wouldn't be tired about, even if I try to exaggerate thing's I probably didn't encounter. Maybe I'm too tired.
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