[QQ-Thread] I miss old Champion select. :(

This is most likely just gonna be venting or QQing, so if you are one of those who look for a purpose in every thread, I can spare you the trouble and tell you that there won't be one here. It's just something I wanna get off my chest, people say talking about something helps, so I'll just do that. Thanks to everyone who bothers reading through it anyway. (most of it, if not all, will be personal opinions) Also, I wasn't sure about the subboard, but I decided to put it into Player Behavior, because most of this relates to how I feel like I'm working with/in my Team. -------------------------------------------------- **In old champ select, ** I'd simply open up with: > Hi Guys, pref mid, but can fill (worst top) And especially because I didn't use to say anything before I started using this, I saw the results: - Even tho it states that I can fill too, people often would make space for me to get mid. - If we had someone else who mained mid and wanted to stick with it, I often saw others who could play top go top, or generally People shifting around a bit just to not have me get stuck on toplane. - In the rare cases of me getting top, I simply asked if my Team would be alright with me going something rather Off-meta like Vi top (as she is my main jungler), or if needed something 'weak' but easy like good old Warwick. - Additionally, I felt like all of this 'deciding roles together' had 2 other bonuses: - When I got top, people would actually give me tips on the matchup, or even camp me if the jungler could invest his time. - When I got mid, I feel like people often trusted me. A Jungler would sometime camp to get me snowballing, or my Team trusted me in avoid the enemy jungler while they were applying pressure elsewhere. (let alone me roaming etc, all that stuff) ------------------------ **In new Champ Select** If I'm in a particular mood, I choose specific roles, but most of the time I just ake fill (as there are 4 roles I enjoy playing). And compared to before: - Obviously I little to never get mid, this even lead to me starting to try maining Support, leaving me with a terrible performance most of the time. - Jungle is rare too, and I considered jungle to be my second best back then. - ADC... excuse me "Bot" I get sometimes. That's alright I guess. - Support is what I get most of the time. I don't wanna exaggerate and say something like 90%, but it really is stupidly often. I'm aware that this is how it goes most of the time when picking fill, and don't get me wrong, I love supporting. I even conider maining it but... I'm still a midlane, I still love jungle, I still love ADC, I don't want to give those up. - Top, god forbid i get top. Which actually seems to happen quite frequently. I feel like I get top the second most after Support. And now... I can say in chat that I suck at top, but all my teammates think of it is "Why you pick top then?" Same goes for picking Vi or WW, they don't like it at all... this simply creates a way less enjoyable enviroment than before. ---------------------- And to close off, how I feel when playing each role now: - Top - It stresses me out incredibly. I feel like I'm really pressured to perform well at this position I never really get to learn how to play. I know you should be able to paly every role, and I can survive toplane, but everyone seems to expect more than this. - Jungle - I'm losing touch I get jungle so little, that the few times I actually get it, I can't get even close to even my own expections. Let alone those of my teammates. I still would love to jungle, but I feel like I'm getting really bad at it. - Mid Pretty much same as for jungle. Additionally, I can't even enjoy this Position nearly as much as I used to. I can't exactly pinpoint why, but I think it has to do with the current Lux... 'uproar'. She is... was my main, but I can't seem to enjoy her anymore with everyone... you know. - ADC I used to main Ezreal here, but what do you know, blue build makes it's return. So for him goes same as for Lux above. Now I try to get into Varus, but People don't seem to like it because he's considered so weak. - Support - My new (forced I guess) main. I still love supporting, and I wanna get good at it. But... I'm not good at it (currently sporting 30%-40% winrate on my 2 main supports). And I still love midlane... and Jungle and ADC too. Overall, I feel like I'm performing bad at all positions, and my Team seems to expect me to be at least their Level on each one. (justified) Partly because of this pressure, and partly because of other mentioned reasons, I have trouble enjoying games currently. Yet I don't want to stop playing. I still enjoy the game... kinda. -------------------------------- /end of pointless QQ I'm not asking to get old champ select back, Riot sure had reasons to change it. Maybe it will all get better once spring comes and the weather clears up... For anyone who read this all the way, have a thank you and a cookie for your efforts. {{item:2009}} See you on the Rift!
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