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Hi, So, there is this thing that's bugging me, lately I've been playing ranked, and may it be at SoloQ or DuoQ, there is always this one or two players who aren't that old to the game (lvl 33 or so, 66-ish mastery score, picking mf {{champion:21}} top lane and engage malphite style). I don't say that it's because of them that we lose, sometimes we win even with them in our team, sometimes it's my fault for not being relevant, but they definitely make the game harder. In a way that's not really their fault, but Riot's. That's why I'm writting this article, to show the two miscalculations or blind spots they probably didn't notice or think : 1.First of all, why would you make it faster to climb to lvl 30 ? It took me and my friend a year to reach lvl 30 before that change, and with the lack of champs that's a year and a half, even with all that time we can't be counted as really good players, with lack of experience. Now people with only 3 months or so get to play ranked, when they don't know how to play the current game, which imo isn't centered in individual skills anymore, but in securing objectives and pushing as a team. How can a player who plays mf top or Ashe support know about this stuff ? 2.Second, place the new players at bronze, and low bronze, unless they do really good at placement matches. I've never struggled in my life in ranked, and since I reached Sliver, it's then that it became harder because of those new players. Whenever we got a feeder, it's always a new player. It isn't the whole team's fault. It never is. I climbed out of bronze tihs season in less than a month. But it's been more than 3 months that I'm stuck at S4-5. Bronze may be bad players, but a lot of them have experience. Silver, it's a mix of average players and new players. New players get snowballed so hard the game rarely exceeds 30 mn. Those are the main points that need change. Thanks for reading, and I hope Rito can do something about this.
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