Jungler's life

Is there a way to make people realize that jungler's work is the hardest in this game? Players don't understand what jungler is, for them, it's some guy that helps in lanes and the one to blame when they lose the game, but it's much more than that. Keeping an eye on every lane, tracking enemies, anticipating movements, ensuring objectives and the most important and annoying thing is playing with 9 different players in each match, that sounds stupid right? But NO, as a jungler you need to understand the behavior of your teammates and enemies in order to improve the ganks, for example it's very common to fight vs the other jungler lets say in the mid bush while their midlaner is helping his teammate and yours still farming minions and blaming you for feed, there are so many scenarios like this that are very stressful and sometimes you don't know how to deal with, anyway here's 3 gold tips for other lanes: ward your bush, don't push and be reactive.
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