Trolers evrywhere..

Just is just sick.I dont understand why this system exist when trolers dont get punish.Last 2 games got a lux mid that start flaming hard cuz he lost midlane and start trolling..She told us no i dont play good i just dont even try he miss evrything so.. its like a troll .Last game we got free win we succed to push without or jungler jax we got 3 inhibitors towers but we did more 4v5 cuz jax was only farming..We asked him why he doesnt come he starts to flame us cuz we are bad flame us he says is a player from west master tier etc..So we told enemy team plz report him is afking.We fight 4v5 we couldnt do mutch but was a free win and that jax lost it cuz he was only and only farming.Enemy team happy.. they won a lose game cuz our jax was afking and they say no 1cares seriously..From now 1 i dont even care i wont report if enemy got trolers or afkers seriously.But i dont understand why riot dont punish them.. I just lose this types of games because there must be always someone that trols seriously with no reason..That jax just troled cuz he died thats all..I dont understand and riot just dont care at all..PLZ RIOT.This trolers ruin so many games and they continue and you just dont do nothing.Now seriously guys you never got trolers that hard loses your games???Even free games..
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