Lets show who reported who and why!

Ok so everyone knows that in lol people report or threaten to report just cause you lose. This is stupid. Also as a law student I do know how to argue without (objectively) offending, the problem is that people in this game get offended by literrally everything! I got a chat restriction now and I could not see my case, nor could I see who reported me and why. I don't think I am violating any rules and I am getting reported for losing a lane and for calling people flamer and telling them to stop harrassing my team when I stand up for my team. Why is there a chat in this game if literally everything you say causes you to get reported? See I don't mind getting a chat restriction, but I would love to know how and what to improve. As far as I know I am obeying the summoners code, I don't call people names, I say gj and wp when someone does something good and I try not to say anything when they mess up, I ask for help or give a slight hint to my team as to what tactic I would like to follow and I tell flamers to stop flaming. Please riot, don't just slap people in the face with punishment. Punishment doesn't lead to anything good if the person you punished doesn't have the information to improve. At least help your players to know EXACTLY what they are doing wrong and how to improve. I know I would love that. The system right now just inspires fear to use any chat in the game, even though it is a multiplayer game and everyone hopes they meet some nice people, but you will never know cause everyone is in fear of using the chat, everyone reports everyone if they don't win. There is a reason statistics show that most games don't have a lot of people talking and having fun verbally (anymore) and this is part of the problem. Therefore I think it would help everyone if you could see who reported you and for what, so that you know when you messed up and if everyone thinks that you misbehaved or just the person who was mean all game. No more anonymous reports! This whole system is too secritive and therefore inspires fear and uncertainty. Also it would be nice if the reports show if the reported is trusted (as a summoner) in his report or not, so that we don't have to worry about that one flamer reporting us. Just for fun a comparison (yes some may argue it is not a valid comparison, but lets do this anyway and try to see what u can compare instead of what you cannot): You get a letter in the mailbox that says you broke a law and that you have to go to jail for a week. The letter does not contain the specific law you broke, when you did it or any proof that you did. Policemen come to your house and throw you in jail. There are lots of problems with this and I will not go into detail, I think you get the picture. Now I know lol is a game, but if you want to use a punishment system please think about how and why you punish people. Do you want a better community or do you want to inspire fear? Do you want to punish hard and make people mad or do you want to punish thoughtfully and have your community learn and grow? At least it could be worth to help set people on the right path. Lol players care about kicking out all the feeders/trollers/flamers/whatever sort of players they don't like, but in the long term shouldn't we think about how to make this community the most happy one? I hope one day we can make this game so that we can inspire both new and old players to play the game in a way that doesn't make you afraid to press the enter key. I know this was long, thanks for reading! :D Edit: After seeing all of the comments I agree it is easier that reporting remain anonymous. The original thought was that if you could see it wasn't just the flamer that you were trying to clam down who reported you, but also that one other dude that was pretty cool, you would know for sure you where flaming. In a utopia, knowing who reported you should not matter, cause if they did they should be right, the report should be in detail and you would feel ashamed. Sadly this is too hard to achieve for lol as a game and a community, so anonymous reports are fine if the rest of the system works. Thanks for the vieuws and the comments!
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