My PermaBan that wasn't really valid in its matter.

Yesterday I got permabanned after playing a match as singed support with a friend of mine. I will not say his name unless if needed. I feel like my ban shouldn't have been placed. Heres why. Every game i'm in I try to be non-toxic as possible. But the my team/enemy team is always ending up tilting me. I got banned for 3 games. The first game is the one that really mattered. and I feel like I should kinda be reported for it. But at the same time no. Our team had a vayne, Blitzcrank, and a lux. I went yasuo jungle but ended up doing horrible due to counter ganks. My friend was playing top lane poppy also getting destroyed mundo. along with the counter ganks I ended up dying along with him. Then lux came in and flamed me. While there Voli tried to tilt me and poppy by saying Noobs and etc. that made my head heated and I raised my chat voice ( Hehe I know it sounds stupid :c ) and got a little rude. But then vayne flamed me aswell along with blitz. But the lux started to be toxic which also heated my head. We had an argument afterwards. Me and poppy started spouting nonesense to the other team as like for example " THATS A TANK , HOW DO U DO SO MUCH DMG!?!?! ". Later in the game vayne and lux, blitz started spouting nonesense to report me saying that I flamed them. Which I didn't do once in that game. And I believe i got team reported for so called "flame" I did. Which I did not do. The game ended and I felt a little sad and felt as the game was lost cause toplane lost and me not doing so well as jungle. I understand that. Now for Game 2 This is an old one cant really remember but I do remember one thing. They had a Toxic ornn, he heated my head and me and the ornn heated our heads at eachother. not really to others as in teammates and excreta. But They did have a toxic xin who was backing off on ornn and I got a little mad on him and he got toxic at me as well. But I could tell he was a good guy ill give him props for that. Now for Game 3, this one is completely incorrect. We had a kayle support and a yasuo adc , yasuo got tilted at kayle and heated at her. The sad thing is the kayle didnt have support items which tilted me and the yasuo. I was the first one to say to kayle " Why no support items kayle!??!!" I was playing darius against a yasuo along with his premade. Yasuo had spellthiefs and there twitch jungle camped top and got me mad. but then the yasuo was toxic at me and I got toxic at him as well. We had a brand mid lane who kept lying and saying he ss'd at the right time which he didn't. He kept ss'ing when the enemy was already in the other lane. It didnt make sense, So I said to brand things like " Why no ss brand?!?" and " Why l8 ss brand!!?" and whats ever more sad is that he was feeding. we had the right to report him and I said to do so. But In the end I didnt report him. We ended up surrendering the game which was the right thing to do I guess. Here are the chat logs. I tried to explain everything I could onto this. But please, may my ban be lifted? and I wouldnt mind being muted for a while? Game 1 GoodieHentai: el rayo and el macho? GoodieHentai: GIMMIE DIK GoodieHentai: get roasted. GoodieHentai: nah you just got baited. GoodieHentai: i made sure to have 80 percent of experience before coming there. GoodieHentai: thats why i got rift scuttle. GoodieHentai: i just explained to you GoodieHentai: are you stupid? GoodieHentai: worth. GoodieHentai: wait, what is that dmg GoodieHentai: 200 dmg.. GoodieHentai: 200 dmg? GoodieHentai: WTF? GoodieHentai: WHAT IS THAT CHAMPION GoodieHentai: YOUR A TANK GoodieHentai: WTF GoodieHentai: YOUR A TANK GoodieHentai: AND YOU DO THAT MUCH DMG GoodieHentai: im a noob champ GoodieHentai: yasuo takes alot of skill GoodieHentai: LOL WHAT GoodieHentai: says the guy playing the broken champ GoodieHentai: i dont main yas GoodieHentai: LOL WHAT GoodieHentai: and teemo does 311 dmg GoodieHentai: with one q. GoodieHentai: ?? GoodieHentai: why? GoodieHentai: thats a champ. GoodieHentai: broken. GoodieHentai: WHAT CAN I DO? GoodieHentai: HUH? GoodieHentai: TELL ME? GoodieHentai: HOW CAN WE %%%%ING GO AGAINST A VOLI AND MUNDO GoodieHentai: ITS %%%%ING BROKEN. GoodieHentai: AND NOW YOUR BLAMING ME ONLY? GoodieHentai: HUH? GoodieHentai: stfu lux. GoodieHentai: for real. GoodieHentai: and report lux and vayne for flame. GoodieHentai: ;) GoodieHentai: and please report lux for flame ;) GoodieHentai: i dont play broken champions like lux. GoodieHentai: get good before you start talking. GoodieHentai: i flame? GoodieHentai: i didnt even flame GoodieHentai: once. GoodieHentai: no execute? GoodieHentai: what? GoodieHentai: but really. i didnt flame once this game. GoodieHentai: lux and vayne flamed me all the time ;/ GoodieHentai: yep. and theres flame. GoodieHentai: lux, how am I kid. when i have better grammar then you? GoodieHentai: explain. GoodieHentai: I DIDNT FLAME ONCE Lol GoodieHentai: um? GoodieHentai: i didnt do anything. GoodieHentai: ;/ GoodieHentai: and 2/7 poppy. GoodieHentai: and flames only me GoodieHentai: makes sense right :/ GoodieHentai: only? GoodieHentai: yeah only me. GoodieHentai: only me guys GoodieHentai: IM THE ONLY ONE WHO FED. GoodieHentai: WOW. GoodieHentai: this team is so toxic and flaming. GoodieHentai: its annoying. GoodieHentai: just to make you happy i'd rather afk and see you guys suffer. GoodieHentai: honestly. GoodieHentai: LAG GoodieHentai: hes reporting me GoodieHentai: cause he went in GoodieHentai: like an idiot. GoodieHentai: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA GoodieHentai: hes so triggered. GoodieHentai: that doesnt make sense dood. GoodieHentai: you're mom masterbated to me blitz. GoodieHentai: are you happy/ GoodieHentai: cause i sure am. GoodieHentai: i got oneshotted. GoodieHentai: gg botl. GoodieHentai: welp we won that fight since i canceled voli. :/ GoodieHentai: i cant do anything. GoodieHentai: bye. GoodieHentai: :/ GoodieHentai: vayne is fed. GoodieHentai: dont know what you're talking about GoodieHentai: u are broken GoodieHentai: what can i do blitz GoodieHentai: are you gonna cry more? GoodieHentai: i'd be happy. GoodieHentai: idiot blitz. GoodieHentai: u canceled aa LOL GoodieHentai: so broken GoodieHentai: man, its not like i could do anything. GoodieHentai: with a useless blitz. GoodieHentai: including myself. GoodieHentai: what did u do? GoodieHentai: miss hooks. GoodieHentai: go in on purpose and die. GoodieHentai: dang. GoodieHentai: u must stay up on that excuse. GoodieHentai: no wonder u suck so hard u had to play blitz. GoodieHentai: go lag more. GoodieHentai: i prefer it to continue. GoodieHentai: see GoodieHentai: useless. GoodieHentai: i never said i wasnt useless. GoodieHentai: report vayne , blitz, lux for flame. GoodieHentai: honor poopy. Game 2 GoodieHentai: really? GoodieHentai: come back when you have the balls to fight me. GoodieHentai: noob. GoodieHentai: i bet when i come your just gonna go back to your tower, scared. GoodieHentai: noob GoodieHentai: im second time GoodieHentai: come back when your relevant. GoodieHentai: u dont even know how your r works. GoodieHentai: and u just buy the champion with the skin? how spoiled. GoodieHentai: lol so bad GoodieHentai: still saying ez? GoodieHentai: LOL GoodieHentai: then wheres your kills? GoodieHentai: only one ? huh GoodieHentai: so bad GoodieHentai: LOL GoodieHentai: your so useless ornn GoodieHentai: ward bush GoodieHentai: WARD GoodieHentai: PUSH GoodieHentai: sure sure xin, come back when u learn to r. GoodieHentai: ORRN GoodieHentai: COMNE GoodieHentai: HELP GoodieHentai: QUICK GoodieHentai: LET ME TAKE THE BUFF GoodieHentai: 5 top? GoodieHentai: lol your that bad? GoodieHentai: if hes better than me, why cant he 1v1? GoodieHentai: oh wait. GoodieHentai: how did he lose lane to me? GoodieHentai: as ORNN GoodieHentai: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA GoodieHentai: HES SO BAD GoodieHentai: lived with 1 hp, 3 times. GoodieHentai: how scared and bad are you? GoodieHentai: i like to bm, and since you know im right. i think thats why ornn is silent. GoodieHentai: no words? GoodieHentai: hmm? GoodieHentai: still silent lol GoodieHentai: kid? says the 9 year old xin player ;) GoodieHentai: :/ GoodieHentai: im quite the support now, xD GoodieHentai: :/ GoodieHentai: ez Game 3 GoodieHentai: kayle GoodieHentai: why no support items GoodieHentai: ??? GoodieHentai: how bad are you? GoodieHentai: ss? GoodieHentai: ss? GoodieHentai: ss? GoodieHentai: ss? GoodieHentai: ss? GoodieHentai: ss? GoodieHentai: 3v1? and calls me bad. GoodieHentai: huh. says the yas with a %%%%ing spellthiefs. GoodieHentai: brand. GoodieHentai: why no ss? GoodieHentai: Why GoodieHentai: noob. GoodieHentai: again brand. GoodieHentai: really? GoodieHentai: l8 ss./ GoodieHentai: yes i did. GoodieHentai: AND IT WAS L8. GoodieHentai: u legit ss'd GoodieHentai: right when he came. GoodieHentai: wow. GoodieHentai: report brand. GoodieHentai: babysit yas even more please. GoodieHentai: give him a bib too ;) GoodieHentai: ff at 15. GoodieHentai: yes yes more. GoodieHentai: make yasuo a baby even more :) GoodieHentai: now ss? GoodieHentai: really? GoodieHentai: ff at 15/ GoodieHentai: lol GoodieHentai: help me GoodieHentai: omg GoodieHentai: dont go solo Thank you for reading. You may complain about me being a small- medium level of toxic I guess. But for this to happen on my favorite game? its just saddening. I put so much work and money into this ( more than 500$ if I can remember.) {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} Have a great day!
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