FML 25 games???? For telling someone he is bad at the game when he is adc{{champion:236}} going 1/13 and im the one who gets punished....Game 1 djukan03: every blind pick now a days has to have yasuo urgot and kayn xD djukan03: XD djukan03: he flashed my w djukan03: gg djukan03: 5/1 djukan03: xD djukan03: report for feed too djukan03: inting djukan03: ? djukan03: i didnt tell you to go in djukan03: i was trying to bait him djukan03: and you attacked him djukan03: idk wtf she is doing djukan03: my team is %%%%%%ed djukan03: look at lux djukan03: gtfo bich djukan03: i afk djukan03: reprot lux pls djukan03: why you still my FARM djukan03: GTFO djukan03: LUX djukan03: reprot bot ty djukan03: k i go bot djukan03: f you djukan03: lol that lux is bad djukan03: GO MID NOW LUX djukan03: stop following me djukan03: I GO BOT djukan03: SOLO djukan03: their adc is a god and our adc boosted trhash djukan03: you too lux yooure shiit too djukan03: our lux so shiit djukan03: ? djukan03: yea im the one who fed draven and why we will lose the game djukan03: urgot honored djukan03: nice try guy djukan03: gj djukan03: 6 people top djukan03: lux i will oneshot you so hard get your asss lubed djukan03: CAN YOU EVEN TRY TO DODGE? djukan03: bye djukan03: pusssy djukan03: our luc garbage djukan03: bye djukan03: get out of there djukan03: ? djukan03: good djukan03: but yours wont be djukan03: well youre never alone %%%%% djukan03: nope i will talk djukan03: COME 1V1 djukan03: AND SEE djukan03: cya djukan03: something about asss? djukan03: ? djukan03: ye defintetly ez you 3v1 me and almost die djukan03: xD djukan03: ez djukan03: ez djukan03: ez djukan03: ez djukan03: super mega ez djukan03: kid djukan03: lol grandma djukan03: geey your sense of piss of djukan03: 69 btw djukan03: because she pissing me off djukan03: 1/13 djukan03: says someone is bad djukan03: k draven get your butt ready djukan03: im toxic? you say easy after 3v1 me and almost dying djukan03: ez djukan03: xD djukan03: ? djukan03: ? ofc i wont kill you 1v5 djukan03: come alone djukan03: and see who is trash djukan03: ? nice english djukan03: ez djukan03: xD djukan03: ez djukan03: killed you 1v3 djukan03: better kayn win? djukan03: you cant even kill my lux 1v1 djukan03: its better team win djukan03: better kayn win 1v1 djukan03: come baron when i respawn djukan03: ye djukan03: 2v1 djukan03: patchetic djukan03: nah djukan03: i got stunned
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