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/dev: Introducing Emotes - Nexus - League of Legends
What's up y'all. I'm Producer Alex "Tim Teemo" Kovalenko and I want to talk to you about a new-ish product: Emotes! We're covering some new territory with this feature, and they're going to be on PBE for an extended amount of time while we gather feedback, so we wanted to start talking now.
What is this shit? As if the current taunts and mastery emotes are not enaugh tools for %%%%head players to BM, now we get even more? I _/mute all_ every single god damn game because I cannot stand BMing whatsoever. It is so bs and simply unneccesarry! I mean, people even say they intentionally use 'em to tilt the enemy and thus gain an advantage because of it! WTF?! How is this acceptable? Why are you even encouraging this bs behaviour by implementing even more emotes?!? Well, of course I read the whole god damn article and Riot had to say this: > WHAT WE WANT TO AVOID We don’t want these to be too tilting. Since the emotes are meant for broad expression, it’s easy to imagine the system fueling rampant BM. Our hope is that emotes encourage more of the fun kind of smack talk, and less of the actually-upsetting chat that can show up sometimes. Still, we’re going to be implementing an ammo system that should detect emote spamming and time out emotes, like the system we currently have for pings. We’re also making sure that you won’t see emotes from anybody that you’ve muted. What about instead of implementing this "ammo system", you give us the option to disable emotes? Like, if I don't want to see these BM tools, why do I need to rely on a system that tries to prevent spamming, when it would be so much easier if I could disable them by default? It just doesn't make sense! I _/mute all_ solely because of emotes, because /all chat isn't disableing them, for god knows what reason. #So please, if you implement even more emotes, please give us an option to disable this bullshit!
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