Is it okey if i call people noob

Im a toxic piece of crap and i admit it, i got a 14 day ban a few years ago but i wanna move on from being toxic, however every now and then someone will tell me to kms and such and it will piss me off, i found that a good way to flame without being ``toxic`` is spamming in caps, i do that (not frequently) but when someone says something offensive ill just be saying non toxic stuff but in all caps and it helps me cool off. So anyways recently a guy started inting and i told him he is wasting our time and ruining the game, and i was being mad at him and he told me something like ``shut up noob`, it hurt me deep inside, like my soul was ripped, i was taking the time to carefully depict the words to use to explain to him why is he such a piece of crap and how he is ruining the game for everybody, but in 3 words, very immaturely he responded and made me madder then if he told me to end my life, i dont care ive been told that in league a million times, but the use of the word noob just pressed against my soul. It felt weird, obviously its immature but something about the insult noob is just so rewarding, because if someone is extremely mad at you to the point of spamming in all caps and telling you to k1ll yourself, and being super toxic (usually older than 12 yasuo mains) just telling them ``noob`` or shut up noob, will make them more furious then before. I get that this would be toxic behavior to an exstent but im wondering what do you guys think.
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