Distrubing game, making others tilted on purpose, and nothing?

Is it normal, for a game which would advance you further, getting destroyed by someone who is not playing but trolling whole game? I was playing Veigar mid and we had Yasou. We had good start, fb, invade and etc. i didnt notice anything was, just farmind mid lane like usually, when suddnly with out saying nothing.. yasou runs to mid lane, starts stealing farm and don't go away. It got me a little tilted so i went to his top lane. so i can farm and play normally. As i started to farm there, he came again, stealed my kill, and again farm, and by that time started to follow me whole map, disturbing my game and feeding enemy team on purpose, as he said on team chat, that we are toxic monkeys which need to lose. As that game was to advance further, and he was just trolling on purpose, letting enemyteam almost free farm. Insulted us and made us lose, ofcourse any1 would get tilted. I mean it's already hard to get out of bronze, cause always some1 go afk or troll, but to do that in ranked and in game which can give some1 next rank is not normal. And in the end after the game, i get suspended, and he gets nothing? I mean yea i admit, it got me very tilted and i wrote some bad thing and i apologise for that, but what else can you do. Smash computer? If you leave you get suspended, if you go afk, suspended, if you keep playing, people like him keep getting on nerves, SO what else you can do? {{sticker:sg-ahri-1}} {{sticker:sg-shisa}} {{sticker:sg-lux-2}} Now i have suspended for 12 days, for what? that i tried to tell him, to play normaly, because i wanted next rank? Thanks Riot, that really ''made my day''

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