"Report Morgana for not hitting EASY Q"

The past week in ranked games what unbelievable. In loading screen, i would like every player to just read the tips for 1 second and really think about it.... _**"Teammates perform worse if you harass them after a mistake."** **"Players perform better if you give them constructive feedback after a mistake."** **"Players who curse at their teammates lose 13% more games."** **"Players who verbally abuse their teammates lose 16% more games."** and **"Players who cooperate with their team win 31% more games."**_ I would love if every player just took a second to read them and really think about them. Although i can tell many stories but i'm 100% sure that everyone knows everything. Yesterday, League of legends sent me that a player that was threatening me to troll and feed when i said to him/her "Stop flaming or i'll report you" was punished. Thank you Riot. Thank you all for reading this. Please be positive all the time. Being 1 inch away of losing doesn't mean that you lost unless you see a big sign says "Defeated". Stop blaming, flaming and surrendering and continue playing. Best wishes, 12a12b12d
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