We need a new system to handle toxicity

Compaired to a few seasons ago toxicity has been the worst it has ever been. Just try to make a new account. Your testing out a champion, you pick something off-meta or you even did poorly in a game you get flamed so hard in this game. It's just not normal. The leveling experience as far resources goes might been improved. The experience itself is not. In this game you get flamed by Diamond players that go 0-5 on a leveling account & flame their entire team for a lose and I have my doubts they ever get punished enouge. Maybe they get banned & start over. But seriously their role models are totally out of wak. I don't feel like I'm getting rewarded enouge to remain positive in this game & it takes a long time for someone to miss out rewards for been toxic in this game. On my main account I have to send out an average of 1 report every game. This include manual reports for severe cases that get banned short after. On my high level smurf I have to report elo Booster services all the time. I had 3 - 4 cases this month... And on my low level smurf unless your 20-0 you will recieve so much flame their should exist an automatic report all feature if you have a lower KDA than 2. I remember a time where even pro players got banned when they where toxic in a game. Now they have todo some nasty shit to even be concidered recieving a ban. The same aplies to the average player right now. The bar has been raised so high. What these children sometimes say in chat. In real life some of them might even get sued for what comes out of their mouth. Are they raised well. What are their parents think about it. Maybe a mail delivery with their chat notes might open their eyes. Their are 3 main issues toxicity has right now: * **Clarity:** With so many reports circulating arround. Riot has done a poor job communicating this to the toxic player. These players are often unaware about their own toxicity and some of them don't even care if they are toxic are not. Cases like this need to be detected & that's impossible without feedback from them. * Overview: Players currently can't access their account status. I wouldn't mind to have an inferface to see how toxic I am in game. If I have for some odd reason I flamed a players I want to see this reflected out their in the status. It doesn't have to be a complex system. Just a bar that rate of between 1-10 on how positive I am in league. Everyone start on 5 and it will increase or decrease depended on verified report cases, honors & just playing games without report cases involved. * **Punishment:** The type of punishments that exist are really lackluster & systems that exists don't work that well: * Chat restrictions: Some say it even increases toxicity. They system need to be changed. Rather than limiting the amount of things they can say. Why not give them a severe chat filter that censors most of the things they type. It could be marked in blue or something so players can click on the line to uncensor it if they want too. Players also need to be noticified add the start of the game who is chat restricted like this. The ideal system would be this extreme chat filter followed by a long chat ban if the toxicity continues. An example of a format * Warning: Extreme chat filter marking (words are not sensored but marked if it think it's toxic, an AI can determ this) it's only visible for the punished player. * Punishment: Extreme chat filter is now active, other players are informed add the start of the game. * Ban: They recieve a month chat ban, players are informed add the start of the game. * Game Ban: If players would recieve a chat ban a second time they recieve a 2 weeks game ban instead. * **Honor system:** The system still isn't perfect. It still lacks the honor enemy team feature and I really get it's not implemented yet. A system could have the options like: * **Rivalry:** You enjoy playing against this smart and/or mechanical player and your hoping for a rematch in your future games. * **Sportmanship:** Win or Lose this guy would give you a smile either way.
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