People locking in even though the role was called and locked in already, + smurfs

Now, let me start with a very very simple statement, Q effing Q ,dude. Its starting to get increasingly common for people in normal games that dont play draft pick to come in the room, call something that was already called and locked, lock in their champion and just ruin my whole damned game by saying "... I dont care ;)" Oh? Whats that? You dont want to struggle for up to an hour to not do anything because the two idiots now decided that they MUST go mid even though people gave them leeway even with their picks? Boohoo, too bad, they are both going there anyway, and you know what? They... dont care ;) They flame eachother the whole game, feeding their asses off either because of not being focused enough or proving a point, and then flame everyone else because whatever, they already started, cant end in the best part right? The only way to deal with this without losing brain cells and damaging your nerves is to simply dodge, but what is going to cure this absolutely horrible community then? Are you willing to play a physically painful game to JUST report someone that doesnt care in the slightest? Be my guest, but I think that there should be a report ability in the picking phase as well. Same scenario with people that smurf/have more than a single account These people dont care because there is no "justice" or whatever to their actions, they can just do this without fear of getting banned ever, people leave lobbies when they see troll picks, which is understandable, but it leaves the people that do it in the first place unscathed in the slightest, and thats stupid. People like this should be perma banned without chance every time they do this. In the end to me it seems that the ones that dont care are Riot themselves. ;)

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