I recived a 14 Day ban for an insult out of context

Hi everyone! Last Sunday I had the pleasure to play a game with a support Morgana that called me a %%%got and then started to troll to taunt me further. She started stealing farm from me and taking buffs from me. The whole time I stayed cool and didn´t insult her or tried to ruin the game. When she started to blame Velkoz for something I just told her to stop complaining since she called me a %%% and refused to play with the team. At the end of the game I asked the enemy team to report her for that. [here is the Screenshot from my Chat log](https://www.imagebanana.com/s/889/6HFgoiD2.html) As you can clearly see I did not insult anyone. I opened a Support Ticket but the rioter told me that Riot doesn´t care about the context and that asking to report a fellow player counts as an insult. After that I just hit google and found those two Threads: [RiotNaKyle states that you don't get banned for asking to report a player](https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/player-behavior-moderation/PzY1ArN3-we-dont-ban-people-for-asking-for-reports) [A Thread about a player that got unbanned because the rioter realized that the insult was not meant as such and in the context wasn´t bad at all. ](https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/player-behavior-moderation/3zQ7hXi0-a-cautionary-tale-unjust-suspension-by-the-automated-disciplinary-system) Sadly, I haven't received an answer from the rioter since last Thursday (23rd). I apologize for my language, but English is not my native tongue but since the rioter stopped responding to me, I figured I tried to get help here. best regards BronzeQAllstar EDIT: I actually received an answer from Riot games and they decided to lift the ban and return my honor status. Or rather they would have if it didn´t take them 17 days and the ban already ran out. But at least I got my honor status back. I also got 5 chests + keys for the inconvenience. Their words not mine. Not even going to blame the rioters themselves for that, not really their fault for being understaffed. But hey, if you think you´re innocent just keep nagging them.
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