banned for some verbal after 20 games of beeing mute and friendly .

riot punished me for verbal. i had like 20 games today and never flamed anyone. i joined a draft with 3 more and it seems that after the game they all reported me for some verbal and riot like robotic system banned me with out even i guess know what happen. they just got 3 reports in a game show some verbal and ok that's it BAN. what about the other person did he also get banned did you also watch his chat or because i only got reported you banned me? give me a F break i play all day and i did some %%%%in joke. j/k Game 1 PrayatNight999: thanks for heal baby PrayatNight999: :@ PrayatNight999: m2 PrayatNight999: :@ PrayatNight999: that yi ... "[ PrayatNight999: :p PrayatNight999: jk PrayatNight999: kms PrayatNight999: plz PrayatNight999: m2 PrayatNight999: kms PrayatNight999: KMS PrayatNight999: :ppppppppppp PrayatNight999: %%% PrayatNight999: j PrayatNight999: let's go guys PrayatNight999: let's goo PrayatNight999: %%% yi PrayatNight999: let's go boys PrayatNight999: let's gooo PrayatNight999: let's go girls PrayatNight999: et's go PrayatNight999: %%% PrayatNight999: jk PrayatNight999: rep shaco 2/9/8 PrayatNight999: // PrayatNight999: first time shaco PrayatNight999: yi %%% plz PrayatNight999: is only a game PrayatNight999: let's go boys PrayatNight999: yi is girl? PrayatNight999: xd PrayatNight999: let's go boyz PrayatNight999: let's gooo PrayatNight999: ]ahahah PrayatNight999: aha and i want to ask riot. why i got banned for 2 or 3 weeks because of that language when my teammate flamed me FIRST and all the other team. i play all day this day saturday and i got banned for this? what about the GG <3 ? how can you ban me? do you know i need rest? can any supervisor see that and %%% riot
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