The 10-day chat restriction : justified or in need of change ?

Hello , I am BelgianRage and this is my 10-day chat restriction story I am sick of this community and by that I mean how toxic it got over the years .I have been playing since season 2 and this is getting out of hand. Someone , pls try to explain why i am getting a 10-day chat restriction ! I will copy/paste what i got to see on my screen when i logged into the game. I am not saying I am the perfect player , I do rage sometimes , but as you can see , I even used the mute option in the game. What it doens't show it that after the game, I talked with the other team and the other dude even thought i was in my right. Please correct me where i went wrong ! If you can't , fix the chat restriction ! Game 1 BelgianRage: nice BelgianRage: i can BelgianRage: i can try BelgianRage: idd BelgianRage: that's why BelgianRage: i play to get strong , not to act strong BelgianRage: you are level 5 , just chill for a bit BelgianRage: .. BelgianRage: becasue you feed BelgianRage: just chill BelgianRage: we are losing stfu BelgianRage: ok reported BelgianRage: you did BelgianRage: you are 1/4 BelgianRage: i prefer not to feed and flame , that you very much BelgianRage: report nami BelgianRage: report nami for intentionally feeding or flame , your chose BelgianRage: no BelgianRage: he isn't flaming BelgianRage: nami is just being a toxic little kid BelgianRage: how tf could i know BelgianRage: and btw they banned darius too BelgianRage: i need to stay alive BelgianRage: becasue you fed them BelgianRage: ok reported BelgianRage: can someone tell nami , i muted her on everything BelgianRage: i really need you to report nami , this really isn't fun anymore BelgianRage: i can't even play a adc without a inting/trolling/flaming support , just sad BelgianRage: just end and report nami BelgianRage: we don't know , she is just mad BelgianRage: i muted her so i can't read what she says btw BelgianRage: well wp , report nami pls Thank you if you took the time to read all of this ! I din't edit anything on here. Have a nice day ! BelgianRage Ps : Sorry for my English , I am not a native speaker. If you want to take a look for yourself :
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