Vote to remake during champion select

Remake is an option added to combat situations where someone never connects to the game, leaving a team with only 4 people. Now I'm here to extend that: A vote to remake during champion select, needing 4 votes to go through. This will ensure that people don't ruin other people's games if they didn't get their desired role, for instance. In most situations, people won't be willing to use it, so it won't be an option that will severely impact queue times. However, it will **severely** impact queue quality. In a remake situation, nobody would receive a dodge penalty, and anyone who wanted to leave could do so. In many cases, people who don't get their desired role decides to purposely lock in champions that don't belong anywhere near their role, to see if they can get someone to dodge. This is very toxic behavior, and since Riot has decided to take steps against that, I believe it's time to take a hard look at the reasons behind the toxicity, and what can be done about it. If you can get on board with this, I promise you, League of Legends will be changed for the better - forever.
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