League Seems Too Soft, This Game is Supposed To Be For Teens Or 3 Years Old kids?

I did quit the game for a while cause of season 8 being Game of thrones season 8(xD). I did came back obviously, only to find that kids have started playing this game. Well obviously that's not a bad thing new players are always welcomed it's just the changes Riot has been making these past years actually makes me feel like they are making deliberate efforts to remove toxicity. Well obviously that is not a bad thing. I'm just amused by how easy it is to get a ban like for real it's just so easy so much so that I actually started using /fullmute all and with all honestly I think everyone is using to for some reason. It is good to not have toxic people in the game. However, I've been meeting a lot of people in game who (SERIOUSLY USE /MUTE ALL JUST SO THEY DON'T HAVE TO LISTEN OTHER PLAYERS JUST SO THEY THEMSELVES DON'T SAY ANYTHING THAT MIGHT END-UP IN A PERMA BANNED ACCOUNT) . Which actually makes me feels bad considering I started playing the game ( CAUSE OF THE GAME's INTERACTIVE COMMUNITY). Nowadays, It seems like no one wants to talk to anyone cause (IT MIGHT END-UP IN A BAN) I really loved league when I was constantly talking to players on my team and enemy team too but nowadays ( NO ONE WANTS TO TALK SEEMS LIKE EVERYONE IS SCARED OF GETTING BANNED ) With all honesty I loved league the way it was before Riot improved their ban system. Sure there were way too many toxic people before then there are now but at least the good (NON TOXIC) people used to talk and interact making the game interesting and now (IT SEEMS LIKE ALL WHO TYPES IN CHAT ARE PEOPLE WHO DON'T GIVE A DAMN ABOUT THE GAME "Toxic People"). Wish Riot just stop what they are doing with the ban system it's true it removes toxic people for sure but it also makes the game non interactive considering I loved when people were interacting with each other even if it was only for negative reasons.
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